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I am new to the world of technical writing and had to accomplish the challenging task of getting a job as a Technical writer with a good organization with all my experience in the IT industry. I went in a strategic way and thankfully things fell in place. So, here I am sharing my experiences with the community.

The three-pronged approach:

  • Creating a worthy resume along with a short description consisting of overall professional description that speaks for itself.
  • Making the best use of online platforms, social as well as professional networking sites, to forums that have relevant information.
  • Most important, patience, patience, and bit more of perseverance.

We all know the first interface of a job seeker is the résumé and hence its an essential tool that needs attention to detail. I happened to create a decent resume by getting feedback from my friends while I was working on the résumé template and the content. Their comments and suggestions were very helpful in setting aside a good resume. Fortunately this exercise has actually taught me how to create better resumes and I am glad I am able to help two of my close friends to set up their resumes now.
Most of the communication is through emails and hence a message body describing about my professional experience in a nutshell along with the a reason of why I am interested in their profile increased chances of hearing from interested recruiters. So a nicely written cover letter definitely helps.

A job seeker’s destination is mainly job portals, but lets admit they are not your best bet for a Technical writing job. This domain in India largely thrives on referrals as I have noticed and makes professional networking indispensable, but a newcomer needs a different approach in absence of a professional network of friends and colleagues. For me, my presence on the web helped. I am a fairly active user of the professional networks and hence the power of linkedin helped me. A lot of good jobs are posted on linkedin, so don’t undermine its potential, to share you a secret I am where I am because of it :).

Few good places to look for latest jobs directly from companies are:

  • The twin-india forum, job section.
  • Technical writers of India, Facebook group.
  • Of course search for jobs on LinkedIn.
  • Monster response is better than Naukri, with no offense intended but job portals are largely flooded with contracting job assignments.

In my case, to my pleasant surprise the blogs earned me a great deal of help. I never knew when I started personal blogging it could turn to be of interest to professionals. That’s the key these days, the interview patterns are changing as I noticed, it’s not only your  knowledge and attitude that will get you through, people have started to show interest in the overall personality of the person they are hiring and somewhere lost values are finding their ground again. I liked Red Hat approach of hiring and I am indeed glad that I am able to be a part of it.

Not to forget, good preparation, a level headed approach and a bit of trust are enough to help you sail through.



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