I have 5+ year of experience, working as System Software Engineer for 4 years (2007- 2011) followed by a stint as a Technical writer and trainer for the last 2 year(2011-till date).

Presently I am part of the OpenSource Documentation team and employed at Red Hat Pune were I document JBoss Portal Platform stuff for software developers. The community project for JPP is GateIN and the enterprise product is known as JPP. DocBook XML, Publican and Pressgang CCMS are our toys with which we piece together bits and bytes and make them readable for users.

Previously, I have worked as a Technical Writer with Technowrites Pvt. Ltd. , one of the pioneering firm in Technical Writing in India.  I created technical documents for software industry, web based and instructor led training materials for latest Technology and Tools, online help for mobile apps, Website content and case studies.

As a system engineer my core Technical expertise is in Symbian Operating system and SOC (System- on- chip) integration and validation of Symbian Foundation Debug and Trace framework for mobile platforms for STMicroelectronics Nomadik platform and STEricsson U8500 family of dual core ARM cortex A9 processors.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Dharamsinh Desai University, Gujarat in 2007  and hold a Diploma in Technical Communication from Technowrites Pvt. Ltd. I am a constant and consistent learner, and look forward to attend and participate in any learning activity happening around.



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