We are born with certain traits and instincts as part of our personalities, while we acquire other life skills through our interactions and experiences. The key is in aligning and embracing ones own uniqueness in the most rewarding ways.

Natural abilities

  • A natural instinct to understand people from their behavior and expressions over spoken words.
  • Explaining theoretical concepts in a simplified manner to others.
  • Viewing and analyzing problems from multiple angles in a  connected manner and focusing on root causes.
  • Immense patience and perseverance with a potential sense of self-responsibility.
  • An eye for detail and a very fast learner.

Acquired skills  

Soft skills

  • Oral and verbal communication, ability to connect with my audience to deliver a rich learning experience. My recent assignments as a Technical writing trainer for Aikya Bharati Institute holds a testimony to the fact.

Over the period of 5 year I have gained knowledge on various tools and Technologies such as:

Technical Writing Tools

  • Elearning – Adobe Captivate 4
  • Help Authoring – Adobe Robohelp, Adobe Framemaker
  • Publishing Tool – Microsoft Word, Visio,
  • Anti- Plagiarism – Viper
  • OpenSource Tools Publishing Tool: Publican
  • OpenSource Component Content Management System(CCMS): Pressgang (Skynet)

Software Tools

  • Configuration Management Tool – Rational ClearCase
  • RealTime Debugging Tool – Trace32 InCircuit Debugger
  • Software Development Tool – Carbide IDE



  • Programming language – C++, Working Knowledge of Java
  • Markup-language – HTML, DocBook XML


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