Why I am a Technical Writer

A series of events that led to the discovery of Technical writing, thoughtful deliberation, and  life changes that marked my transition from a Software Engineer to a Technical Writer.

In 2009, with 2 years of mundane work of re-basing software code, compiling, error fixing, defect closure and releasing, I was certain this was not going to be my life and I wanted a more meaningful, enriching, growth oriented, diverse, vibrant career and a personally satisfying and purposeful life. This goal could not be fulfilled in one stroke and required an overall shift in terms of personal and professional endeavors.

First my personal break followed, and since mid of 2009 I have embarked on an ever learning and ever changing trajectory to live and let live by practicing the core fundamentals of humane, just, equitable world in every action of life. Glimpses of the person that I am are accounted here: http://ccccchange.wordpress.com/

Same year on the job front fortune smiled and I got the opportunity to conduct monthly training related to new Test framework called Nokia STIF environment for System Integration Teams. This further led to the system level job of deploying the new debugging and trace mechanism introduced by Symbian Foundation for the U8500 SOC baseport device drivers.  For another year along with validating OST framework in StEricssion’s device drivers, I had to interface with multiple teams to deploy and train the Software development teams to use the new debugging mechanism.  This introduced me to the eventual discovery of Technical writing, which very well offered me to blend my enthusiastic interest in words over codewords (coding).

Taking into consideration my interests, and a desire to live a balanced life, belief in nurturing a core skill like writing, using the existing software acumen to the best of my abilities, and prospects of a growth oriented and the challenges and opportunities of a comparatively new field like Technical writing was alluring. Hence I took the plunge in 2011, and each day it assures me what a great move it was!



2 thoughts on “Why I am a Technical Writer

  1. Wow, i have been feeling like a lone traveler all this while but your blog has reminded me that nobody is ever truly alone in the quest of an ideal career. Like you i am also a Software engineer and have recently switched tracks to technical writing. Have gone through all the usual phases of skepticism, fear and excitement. Have recently joined a Technical Writing company and am testing the waters all the while realizing that writing is what i want to do. Unlike you i have not yet tasted success, but you have provided me the much needed inspiration to continue working towards becoming a good technical writer. Thanks and all the very best to you.
    You can check out my LinkedIn profile @: “in.linkedin.com/pub/reshma-rao-krishnan/13/963/b84/”

    Posted by Reshma Rao | April 18, 2013, 6:52 am

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